Revista Colombiana de Física, Vol 44, No 1 (2012)

Tamaño de la letra:  Pequeña  Mediana  Grande

Two-Electron Energy Spectrum in Concentrical Quantum Ribbons

Marlon Rincón Fulla


We study the energy spectrum of two-electron constrained to move in two concentrically quantum ribbons under a homogeneous magnetic field oriented along the common symmetry axis.  By using the center of mass and the relative coordinates, we obtain a second order one-dimensional equation which is numerically solved by means of the trigonometric sweep method.  The results of calculations for the two-electron energy spectrum are presented as a function of the ratio between the quantum ribbon radii, the height, and the magnetic field.  In the limit case when both, the two radii become equal and the height of the quantum ribbons tend to zero our result coincides with those previously reported.

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